Snorkelling with the seals is becoming increasingly popular as east coasters are realising more and more that such a world class wildlife encounter is just a few hours south of Sydney. Share the shallow and clear water of Montague Islands sheltered bays with playful Australian and New Zealand fur seals all year round. It is so much fun and definitely worth the trip out. Suitable for all ages.

  • Location: Montague Island

  • Duration: 3-4 hrs

  • Season: All year round

  • Depths: 2m - 18m

  • Water temp: 16-24 degrees celcius

  • Water Visibility: 10-40m


Snorkelling with seals is a super fun, interactive activity and one of Montague islands best! The seals are very playful and love to show their acrobatic skills. Upon arrival, you will be briefed on the days activities by the skipper and fitted with your wetsuit, if required.

The ‘Aquarium’ the BEST place to snorkel with the seals is 2-18m making it ideal for just about everyone.

Our prices include a certified PADI Dive Master or Instructor guiding you at the snorkelling sites, refreshments & snacks throughout your tour. All of your equipment is supplied including wetsuits, mask/snorkel, fins.

Suiting up: Most people think wetsuits are only for use in chilly water. But they serve multiple purposes: They’re great at warding off sunburn and they provide buoyancy.

During September-November, Humpback Whales pass by the island on their great southern migration. We are always happy to stop if we see any whales or dolphins as they are sighted on most trips.


Swimmers, towel, sunscreen, sun glasses, hat.

Your Camera? Have you got one? If not you can hire a GoPro from us. The shallow depths and picturesque environment makes this an ideal environment for photographers aiming to capture the seals in their natural habitat. They will often jump in the water in large numbers to come and investigate and play with you!